Prepare to Meet Opportunity


Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

If you find yourself looking at other people and thinking, “I wish I had their luck,” then you might not be seeing the whole picture. That person’s luck may be more than just good fortune. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Create your own career luck. Hone your technical and interpersonal skills. Develop a strong reputation and raise your visibility among key decision makers. Develop strong relationships. Focus on preparation and prepare yourself to capitalize on opportunities.

When your boss asks for ideas are you ready with a list, or are you caught off-guard? Do you get asked to work on important projects, or are you passed by? Do you consider networking something to do if you have time, or do you consider it part of your job? If you get your work done early are you bolting for the door, or do you use that moment to focus on career development, adding value to your resume? In today’s world of constant change, it’s more important than ever to take control of your career. Are you prepared?


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