Develop Your Skills

If you want to build muscle, you have to work out. The same is true if you want to develop your skills. It’s going to take work, and it might be a little painful at times – especially when it pushes you outside of your comfort zone. But, with time and effort, your skill set and knowledge base will grow and you will stand out from the crowd when the time comes for advancement or promotion. Be on the lookout for experiences and assignments that will challenge you. As your repertoire of skills grows, so will the number of opportunities.

Are you getting bored with the work you’re doing? Challenge yourself by volunteering for projects within or outside of your department that will stretch you. Aiming for that corner office? Learn from those in leadership and hunt for ways to be a part of broader initiatives or higher level meetings. Hoping to move into management? Look for ways to actively practice your managerial skills. Volunteer to mentor others or lead a workstream or project. Be an active learner – practice skills intentionally, notice what worked and didn’t work, and think about how you can continue to improve. Find ways to practice the skills you don’t have in order to reach the dreams you do have.

More information on this tip can be found in Lead Your Way: Practical Coaching Advice for Creating the Career You Want

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