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Job Description: No Experience Necessary

If you are hoping to get a new job, whether you are changing your career, looking for a new position in your current field/company or even if you are a new grad looking for your first job, EXPERIENCE is not the most important thing you need!

Experience and the whole list of other requirements listed in any job description is just the Employer’s way of telling you that they are making the assumption that, if you had those things, you could produce the work that they need for the open position.

But, what if you show them that you COULD produce that work they need regardless of your experience, or lack thereof?

Imagine a company wants to hire an artist to paint some paintings to decorate their offices. They interview 2 artists.

The first, Artist Joe, sends his resume that lists all the fancy fine arts degrees he has from famous art schools, and/or the many buyers of his art, or even describes the type of art he is good at.

The second, Artist Jane, doesn’t have any formal background or experience to put on her resume. So what if she just showed the company what she could do? What if she visited their offices and assessed the space and their style and produced a painting, in advance, just for them?

If the company loves Jane’s work, they don’t care how she was able to create that art, what schools she attended or how many previous buyers she has. They just see that she can do exactly what they want to be done!

Of course, the company hires Jane. They don’t have to make any assumptions about her, hope they are correct and that she can produce the paintings they want! That’s the risk they would have to take with Joe.

So what is the lesson here?

Don’t get discouraged or dissuaded from jobs you know can do just because you don’t have the type or length of experience or other requirements listed.

If you want a job or to start a business, just start producing the work that the end user will value and get it out there and show it to them.

For example:
+For a tech position try a mockup of a website in the branding style of the company.
+For a writing position write an article/story for their publication.
+For an events planner, show them your vision and budget for an event you plan for them that will engage their target customers.

You get the picture.

This is wonderful news because you get to do the very thing you ultimately want to do, NOW, before you have the job!

You don’t need to go back to school or look for testimonials about your past work. You just get to work at producing the kind of projects that the company wants, needs and values.

Even if you don’t get the job, you have still gotten to do what you love, and guess what?

You are getting more EXPERIENCE as you go!

So get creative, and get to work, as if your job depended on it!

Contributed by Betsy Kent. Don’t know what to create because you don’t even know what you want to do? Want to get UNSTUCK on defining your purpose? CLICK HERE to take Betsy Kent’s PURPOSE FINDER QUIZ and get started.

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