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Possibilities in Your Career

Do you feel in charge of your career, or do you feel your next step is completely dictated by your boss or leadership team? 

Do you feel empowered to make a change or stuck in a rut and are not sure what to do next?

Does COVID-19 make you scared to take a step in the direction that you think will make you happy? 

There is only one thing standing in the way of your next step.

Your thoughts. 

I know it sounds simple and it can be, but we often make it harder on ourselves.

When we tell ourselves that our boss is in control of our career, we let them have that control.

When we feel stuck in a rut, we stay in the rut. 

Having an awareness of your thoughts and beliefs is the first step in knowing what is making you stuck. 

What if your thought was this? “I am incredibly talented, have so much to offer this company, and can navigate my next move.” Would that thought make you feel more free? Then you start to talk openly about your skills, experience, and what you want. It’s a momentum you cannot stop when you are truly thinking about what you want and taking actions towards that. 

Thinking you are blocked or no one cares leads you to being blocked and unseen.

Thinking and believing you are in charge of your future leads you to being in charge of your future.

Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful. 

What are you going to decide to think about the possibilities in front of you? 

Contributed by Tami Conklin, Possibility & Confidence Coach. For more information, go to www.tamiconklin.com

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