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Have The Expectation of Success

“Whatever you expect, you will get. So expect success, not regret.” –Dr. Debasish Mridha

Successful people expect to succeed no matter what, and that expectation helps them to attain it. Achieving your goals is a faith walk. Hoping or wishing for anything in life will not get you very far without adding work. When you only hope for something you are basically saying that you are okay if it doesn’t work out in the end. Hey, at least you tried, right?

Wrong. People go to school and hope that they get straight As only to end up with less. People get married hoping for a lifetime of happiness and end up divorced some years later. We hope for a lot of things. While hope is a good place to start, it is not enough. You have to add work.

When you add dedication and perseverance to your hope then it becomes an expectation and this is what breeds success. Your expectations affect how you show up in the world, interact with other people, and your willingness to take the actions required for you to get from point A to point B. If you expect things to go well, they usually will. Likewise, if you expect things to end tragically, they usually will. If you only hope for things to happen, you usually end up somewhere in the middle.

When you set big goals, there will be resistance and even some emotional pain that you will encounter 100% of the time. The limits of your intellect, emotions, and ability will be tested. There will be things and people who you will have to sacrifice in order to move forward. Overcoming these things requires much more than hope.

You have to anticipate them, prepare for them, and fully expect to overcome them in order to reach the than you think you can be. You can’t play the victim role when these things happen and not expect to get stuck. They happen to everyone with worthwhile goals in life and nobody is immune or exempt.

Regardless of the trials you may face along the way or the opinions that other people may have about your goals, you have to make the commitment to go for what you want and act with the confidence of someone who cannot fail. Things will go wrong, but you have to get keep going. When you fall, get back up. All successful people do. The one thing successful people have in common is that ALL of us have failed. A lot. But the failures does not prevent successful people from working on their goals.

The last thing I will leave you with is to recognize that You are a CEO whether you know it or not. You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life and even if you work for someone else, you have to think of yourself as a business and an empire in and of itself. You have total responsibility over your own wealth and satisfaction in life. Your job is to evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate as necessary.

A CEO is responsible for determining the direction and purpose of an organization; in this case, that is you. Your destiny does not reside in the hands of your employer, your spouse, or the stock market. You are responsible for making the executive decisions in your life and recruiting your own board of directors

(mentors and friends) who will support you on your journey. This means that you are responsible for educating yourself so that you are informed on the best practices available to accomplish your stated goals.

Someone with a CEO mindset over his/her own life would aim to make CEO decisions on an individual scale in order to increase his/her own levels of success, abundance, and satisfaction. In order to be the boss and to live a boss’ life, you have to be willing to pay the costs that bosses pay. Think like a boss and sooner or later you will become one.

Part 4 of 4 in a series called The Mindset of Success. Contributed by Dr. Tangie Watkins, Success Coach. You can learn more at Dr. Tangie | Going Deeper | Living Happier

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