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Fuel Your Work Powerfully

Producing at a high level feels amazing! Coming home at the end of the day knowing without a doubt, that our contribution is making a difference is what we all want. It’s energizing, not exhausting and we’re motivated to do more, not less. So how do you generate the focus, productivity and connection that drives your best work? You fuel it.

Practice self-awareness and learn which feelings fuel you powerfully and which don’t. How you think about your work and yourself in your work is always within your control, no matter what is going on around you.

If these times are any indication, the only constant is constant change. Interruptions happen, obstacle are bound to come up and challenges are ongoing, but it’s the energy you create that will either fuel your best work or not. When you’re energized, motivated and connected you’ll take more action in alignment with your goals, you’ll honor yourself and your calendar and you’ll get it done.

When you’re frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed it’s difficult to focus and easy to procrastinate and ultimately, it’s your productivity that will take the hit. It’s so important to check in with how you’re feeling and acknowledge it. Give it some airtime, but don’t let it keep you stuck. Spend more time exploring the solution than focusing on the problem. If your focus shifts, gently bring it back.

When you stay powerful in your mindset, you stay powerful in your work. Focus on the things you can control, be reasonable with your schedule and confident in your ability to show up fully, no matter what. You have everything you need to contribute at the highest level without sacrificing your experience along the way.

After all, the sum of your career is less about where you land and more about who you become along the way.

Contributed by Robyn Montgomery, Life Coach & Burnout Coach. Robyn is a life coach for leaders experiencing burnout. Robyn helps women succeed in leadership without losing their, minds, their health or their relationships. To learn more, click here.

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